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Oriental Beauty 200g.

Oriental Beauty 200g.


Also known as White Tip Oolong. This unique tea boasts stunning white or golden-tipped leaves that infuse a cup with a vibrant red color and a symphony of sweet, natural fruit aromas.

  • Care Instructions for Oolong Tea

    To ensure the best quality and flavor of your Oolong tea, please follow these care instructions:

    1. Storage: Keep the tea in a cool, dry place and Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

    2. Packaging: Store the tea in its original packaging to maintain freshness. If the package is opened, transfer the tea to an airtight container.

    3. Shelf Life: The tea lasts three years in its sealed package. Once opened, consume the tea within one year for optimal flavor and aroma.

    By following these care instructions, you can enjoy the full, rich flavor of our Oolong tea for an extended period.

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