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Visiting Tea Plantation

Visiting Tea Plantation

You’re very welcome to visit our tea plantation. There is no entrance fee; it is open daily from 8 am - 5 pm. Please feel free to walk around the area, take some pictures, visit the tea-tasting corners, and purchase as you please.


Regarding accommodation, you can book on

If you can’t find any availability on Agoda, another option is

From Chiang Rai airport to our property takes approx 1.30 hrs. From the main road to Doi Mae Salong, follow road number 1130; it would take around 30 mins.

There is public transportation at the Chiang Rai bus terminal to the Mae Chan intersection; from the Mae Chan intersection, you may have to hire a driver to our tea plantation. Please tell them that you want to go to Doi Mae Salong. 101 Tea Plantation, to be exact (ไร่ชา 101 ดอยแม่สลอง). Unfortunately, there is no direct transport from the bus terminal to our tea plantation. 


Please note that we don’t provide English-speaking tea classes and tours.

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