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Railworks 4 Addon Berlin Wittenberg (2022)




Our first release of Train Simulator for Linux includes one of Germany's earliest and most important railway routes between Berlin and Wittenberg, the Berlin–Würzburg railway. Titled Berlin–Würzburg, the release is part of the next generation of content from the “” website, and is expected to be the first of many Linux-specific releases of train simulator games for our Train Simulator series. "With the support of EA-Licence holder SimBin, we are proud to present a new content release for our global Train Simulator series, featuring one of the most important and technologically advanced routes in Germany," said editor in chief Jens Ersch. "From the beginning of our publishing activities, we have been supporting our fans and customers, the Linux community and the free software community with great passion, and this release is a perfect example of that. "For this reason, it is an honour to announce our Berlin–Würzburg content release for Linux to a growing audience of enthusiastic Train Simulator fans who use Linux," he added. The Berlin-Würzburg railway is one of Germany's longest and most important railway lines. Running for 115km from the centre of Berlin via Cottbus to the north-west of the country, it links Berlin and Hanover (via Hanover–Berlin railway and Hannover–Berlin railway). The line has long been used to transport freight between the two major cities, although it also has a passenger service today, linking Berlin with Würzburg and other cities on the banks of the Mittellandkanal and the Rhine. The release includes railway lines, rolling stock and infrastructure, and is a welcome addition to the already extensive rail network featured in the Train Simulator series. Along with the new route, other additions include new locomotive variants and liveries, a number of new routes including Stuttgart–Tübingen, Stuttgart–München, Düsseldorf–München, München–Karlsruhe, Mönchengladbach–Bielefeld, München–Nürnberg, Frankfurt–Mainz and Frankfurt–Würzburg, and high resolution textures for high resolution 3D graphics. The game is also available in French and Russian versions.Q: Make Gnuplot circular I am




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Railworks 4 Addon Berlin Wittenberg (2022)

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